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    Sara - Nanny in Berlin

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    vom 23.09.2017

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    10405 Berlin


    * Alter: 24 Jahre
    * Stundenlohn zwischen 12 € und 12 €
    * Raucher
    * 3 Jahre Erfahrung
    * Kann bis zu 3 Kinder betreuen
    Sara bietet an:
    Nanny / Kinderfrau
    Dear family:
    I'm Sara!!!
    I am a violinist and my passion is music! After my studies, I began to work as a violin teacher and in orchestra!
    I am a person with a lot of energy and with a lot of desire to do new things. I am not afraid of new experiences, I just want to have more every day, because I think it is necessary to leave the comfort zone.
    I love children and I think they just want to feel loved and listened to.
    I have a little brother, who lives with my parents. They are extraordinary people and have almost always supported me in my decisions, but for them, travels them, the idea of ​​living on the other side of the world is crazy. They feel safer in their comfort zone and I want to get out of there!
    I love to listen to music, cook, read and go to the pool.
    I believe that children should be given security, affection and joy, so that we will become safe adults, with dreams that will be fulfilled and creative.
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